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Suellen Tomamichel ADHD Coach


ADHD Coaching for Adults, Teens and Parents

'Bring Calm to the Chaos'
I am an ADHD Coach with experience in Mental Health, AOD & Counselling.


Is a supportive tool that helps people reach their goals

ADDitude Life Coaching ADHD coach

Coaching ADHD is about working together so the client can learn new skills toward living a fulfilling life in all aspects. Examples of areas covered in coaching:

  • teaching a person study skills.

  • offering tips for improving executive functioning, planning, and organisation

  • helping a person advocate for themselves at work or school

  • encouraging them to identify the environments in which they thrive and then recreate or seek out similar environments

  • helping a person develop impulse control strategies

  • teaching social skills and problem-solving

  • supporting parents or other caregivers so they can interact more effectively with loved ones with ADHD

I am an ADHD coach, a consultant with experience in Mental Health, AOD & Counselling.

Let’s work together so you can live your best life!


My Services

ADHD course for parents and families


ADHD can have a significant impact on families. Provided with strategies & tools you will soon ‘Bring Calm to the Chaos.’

ADHD counselling, support and strategies for teens


Based on your strengths, together we can create a transition to your true self!

‘Bring Calm to the Chaos.’

ADHD coach for adults


Are your ADHD traits holding you back? Let’s work together to build the life you want and deserve!

‘Bring Calm to the Chaos.’

The journey toward transformation begins with understanding your unique brain.  

Begin Your Journey Today.


What my clients are saying


As a parent you worry about how your children are feeling, how they struggle in different aspects of their life. Having Suellen work with my daughter I have seen massive improvements to her moods and emotions. She has a much more positive outlook in herself and her previous struggles at school. Waiting for an ADHD assessment and diagnosis is a long wait with the health system at present. Suellen has been able to support my daughter in ways that have eased my frustrations. The investment we have made has paid dividends in return, the outcome is more than I could have ever imagined for my daughter.  I would recommend anyone struggling with ADHD (diagnosed or not) to work with Suellen and watch yourself or your loved one have such a positive change in attitude to all things in life.

Thanks Suellen I will be forever grateful of your work"


"I am 14 years old and have been working with Suellen on how to be positive and tackle my challenges. She has helped me to enjoy subjects I always dreaded going too and I am now achieving results I didn't think were possible. I have been able to learn about healthy eating and I now attend my gym regularly and have stopped my binge eating. Working with Suellen has helped me to see things differently and change the way I look at the world. I am more positive towards the way I look at myself and I look forward to each session. I look forward to other changes I can make giving me a good head start to a positive future. 

Thanks Suellen!"


I wish ADDitude Life Coaching was around when my boys with ADHD were growing up!      I referred your web address to my daughter in law who is dealing with a teen with undiagnosed (at this stage) ADHD. After chatting with Suellen on a free Strategy call it was clear this was going to help Lorelle, and her family get some kind of peace and harmony in their household.

After a few parent coaching sessions Lorelle informed me, she was loving the strategies being taught to her and didn’t really understand ADHD until now. Suellen has given her the tools and support to work with her young teen without the usual fights which have been so common of late. 

My grandson, 14 years, also responded very well to the teens program and has worked out his strengths and how to work through his ADHD challenges. He is now doing much better in school which is music to my ears!

Thank you so much Suellen for your support with my family, we are all very happy and much calmer!


and receive a free ADHD E-book



Overcome ADHD and complex challenges with resilience and confidence

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