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About Suellen - ADHD Coach & Counsellor in Bendigo, Victoria

I’m a wife & parent of a family with ADHD.

When my son was first diagnosed, we were fortunate to have a child psychologist to support and guide us as a family to have him understand his behaviours and we as parents were also taught how to work with his idiosyncrasies. At the time we relied heavily on the medication, which he later decided ‘changed his personality’ and he no longer wanted it. It was not an easy time for us all! As he approached adolescence there was no support available and we as a family were left on our own to navigate the underlying traits he had to endure.   

 Since then, I have gathered more life experience in neurodiversity (and added more diagnoses to my family). I’ve learned so much more about the condition via ongoing study and associations in professional networks. Through my work with adults with ADHD and continual learning, I’ve developed practical ways to provide support and help to all kinds of people with ADHD. 

I initially studied as a life coach with The Life Coaching College then ADHD coaching with the ADD Coaching Academy to get the word out there – 
t is possible to ‘Bring Calm to the Chaos!’

 SUELLEN TOMAMICHEL - ADHD Coach & Counsellor in Bendigo, Victoria


With my support at ADDitude Life Coaching, you will be provided with practical strategies to implement and practice, so you can become your successful authentic self!

During our coaching sessions, we will work together to navigate your journey so you can perform at your greatest potential.

  • Self-acceptance through understanding your personal traits with ADHD.

  • Goals & Strategies to reach what you want and need for a successful life.

  • Replace or eliminate habits/ behaviours that no longer serve you.

  • Recognise your strengths and learn to work with them.

  • Create lifestyle changes with practical routines.


Transform your personal, professional &/or family life, whether you be a parent, Teen, or adult, diagnosed or not, learn how you can manage ADHD effectively and be the best person you can be!

ADDitude Life Coaching - ADHD Coach


Overcome ADHD and complex challenges with resilience and confidence

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